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TheDrillBook - Testimonials

Welcome Coaches: It is so exciting to see so many outstanding coaches, at all levels, taking the time to utilize resources like TheDrillBook.Com.

TheDrillBook.Com has allowed me to individualize my practices for each player. This enables players to receive individual feedback and instruction to improve their game. I’ve found the website and apps to be very diversified, which allows coaches, at all levels, to examine many ways to improve their team and enhance a player’s hockey experience. I also find the “video experience” for teaching and learning to be critical. Video provides a un-emotional and objective way to communicate and work with players on a daily basis.

TheDrillBook.Com is so easy to use and allows coaches to navigate through the content and pick out what they feel they need. This ability to easily navigate saves valuable time and energy.

I hope you enjoy some of the practices and drills that I have put into the platform. Have fun with your players and work positively with them so they can develop a lifelong love of the game.

Best of luck this season and I wish you all great success.


Willie Desjardins - Head Coach Vancouver Canucks, NHL

My name is Mike Salekin and I have been a youth hockey coach for the past four years. Before becoming involved in coaching, I was a player at many levels, including juniors, NCAA Division 1, and semi-pro. Currently I am a coach for various organizations at the High School, Tier I, and Tier II levels in Dallas, Texas.

I have been using TheDrillBook for the past 5 months and could not be more pleased with the value it has provided to myself, my players, and my parents. The benefits I have seen from implementing this program include better use of ice time, better communication with parents and players, a stronger sense of team unity, and upgraded practice plans.

The drill videos from TheDrillBook have provided my players visuals which have allowed us to better utilize practice time. With the cost of ice at approximately $400/hour, it is critical that all time spent on the ice is utilized in the best way possible. TheDrillBook has allowed my team more on-ice development time with less time wasted time at the board. It is able to teach drills, and more importantly is able to explain to both players and parents why we are doing specific drills.

As a young coach fresh out of playing professionally, I found my biggest challenge to be parent communication. With the TheDrillBook, the parents of my players are able to visually understand what I am teaching the players, which then allows them to help communicate important messages to their kids for me. Organization is critical when being the leader of a team. I use the locker room to organize events and communicate information to my group. This ensures families receive messages, and communication is not lost which it often can be via email.

The players absolutely love TheDrillBook and I believe it has brought my team together. It gives the young players a strong sense of team unity. The videos and tools it offers give the youth hockey player a sense of ownership and belonging each time when they login. It puts the ownership on the players and has allowed my team to mature and push towards a common goal.

The ability to distribute online practice plans is a tool I never had as a coach before using TheDrillBook. Like many USA hockey coaches I have coached a group of players multiple years in a row. This past season I tried every drill from TheDrillBook. It provided my group never before seen drills, and fresh energy. As a level 5 coach I have been to several coaching conferences. I have received paper copies of drills, drills from a USB drive, and drill online; none of the tools that have been previously presented to me compare to TheDrillBook. I would ask that any coach, organization, or governing structure strongly look into giving the value added benefits of TheDrillBook to their players.

Mike Salekin - Coach and Player, Dallas TXL

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a small business owner, father and a hockey coach for kids. I have been coaching hockey for over 25 years at the PeeWee and under age groups. Currently I am coaching Novice 1 as my youngest son in now playing at that level.

I have used every way known to mankind over the years to develop practices, manage the team, manage the schedule, maintain a practice portfolio, be prepared in advance for practices etc. etc. etc..In past years I have always had to use a conglomeration of websites and self-made forms to properly manage the flow of the team. That was until this year when I was introduced to!

This letter is meant to express my complete satisfaction with the It has taken my level of coaching to a complete higher level. In one single website I can do everything and MORE than anything else on the market. This single website simply does it all: practice plans of both and amazing existing data base, or the ability to easily build your own, send the practice to each players own locker for them and their parents to pre-view, send weekly trophies and awards for achievement that they can print off in vibrant colour, complete scheduling for the team, or just coaches or just parents. The's website has provided me and our team all-encompassing and multi-faceted development program that has raised our program to a level that has players, parents and other coaches in awe. Oh and have I mentioned it has cut my preparation time in half! I’m like the bionic coach…better…faster…building much better hockey players.

For years I have struggled with the fact that no one is coaching us volunteer coaches how to really coach. When you go from one practice to another you see so many different strategies and styles. Some excellent and some not. I cannot recommend this website highly enough!! This single website could completely change the way we coach, save us all critical time, and help us Canadians keep our game better than anywhere in the world. I can testify that TheDrillBook.Com can change the way coaches develop aspiring athletes and will revolutionize the delivery of productive, innovative and incredibly fun practices. It has absolutely done that for me and my team this year.

If you haven’t yet visited the site I highly encourage you to take a tour. If you are even slightly impressed with the tour, you will be blown away with the actual day to day use of the site. Sign up today, use it and I firmly believe you will be a far better coach, which will translate into better player development.

I have never taken the time to write a recommendation letter before and I have nothing to gain by doing this other than to help the kids. This Website so changed my level of practices and complete team participation in results that I felt compelled to let others know. I am available for additional feedback if required.

Joe Strang (Coach Joe) - President, Showcase A/V Inc. Calgary, AB. Canada

Hi Mark,

I wanted to touch base and give you some feedback and a thank you. I love The Drillbook overall for communication and information it is truly an excellent tool. On top of this your articles are inspiring!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, taking the time to coach and for inspiring those around you. Madi is happily engaged in hockey more than we have ever seen. We are so proud of her commitment and hard work this season. Thank you for playing such a huge role in giving her so many gifts of inspiration, challenge and information that she will take far beyond the ice. Keep up the great work!

You may want to consider doing a Ted Talk!

Thank you and Cheers!

Jocelyn Haroldson

Curtis and Justin

We were fortunate to use TheDrillBook.Com this year to assist us in building our individual skills in a competitive and fun environment, and we certainly saw the results on the ice.

If you are looking for a significant way to improve your game and develop yourself, in all aspects, this is the tool for you!! The drills and games were new to us and they were very challenging and pushed our limits. We also found the APP easy to use, as all of the resources were in video.

Thanks again,

Curtis Mckenzie - 2013-2014 American Hockey League Rookie of the Year and Calder Cup Champion
Justin Dowling- 2013-2014 American Hockey League Calder Cup Champion

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